The Taylors

In 2020

Nick is 29 and Sally is 27. They are married, with 2 girls (Zoe, aged 2 and Chloe, aged 4)

They own and run their own company, and jointly manage the village’s business co-working space.

They live in a cottage to the North of the village, about 5 minutes walk from the co-working space.

They are an entrepreneurial couple, and both have an IT in Financial services background. They are also quite practical. After they bought the old barn from Bill Rogers, Sally project managed the barn conversion, and Nick did quite a lot of the building and cabling work himself.

Their main challenge at the moment is dealing with unreliable communications (Broadband) and they are investigating alternatives, including satellite and wireless broadband. They are even considering installing their own fibre network to give them super-fast connectivity – that’s if the local farmers will let them dig a trench across their land of course!

Looking ahead, they want to appoint a manager for the business space so they can spend more time with their young family, and also research new projects they have in the pipeline.

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In 2050

Nick is 59 and Sally is 57. They are directors of the family firm (Taylors), which has grown over the years and now employs 32 people across three sites, all three of which they bought from Bill.

Happily their communications issues were resolved by wireless superfast broadband in 2020, with the co-working site becoming a broadband ‘hub’ for the rest of the village. Other superfast and ultrafast options also became widely available from 2022 onwards, and they ‘never looked back’ after that.

Nowadays Nick and Sally spend most of their time providing mentoring and training for startups. It seems a long time since their first mentee, Tom, way back in 2022, but they still find it hugely satisfying to play a part in helping others succeed.

Their daughters Zoe (32) and Chloe (34) still live locally, and both are directors of Taylors. Zoe is a whizz at finding ways to fund new business ideas, and Chloe leads on the practical, digital engineering side of the business. Chloe’s inspiration came when she was aged just 12, during her first ‘interactive walkthrough’ of Eileen’s photography in the repurposed museum in 2028. Blending the physical and digital worlds became Chloe’s passion from that moment onwards.